Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Scrap Around The World April Moodboard Challenge

Hi  all I decided to decorate the cover of my new art journal for the ScrapAroundTheWorld April Moodboard Challenge. I loved the colours in the mood board and I also love the beach and ocean. The inspirational section of the mood board made me think of using the art journal to keep my fingers busy when I would otherwise be eating when  and what I shouldn't!! Let's hope it works!
Below is the mood board for ScrapAroundTheWorld April

and here is my creation

I covered the journal with Gesso, then sprayed it with delusional inks. However I didn't like the result so I painted it over with gesso again, and then painted it with heavy body acrylic paint. Then I applied soft moulding paste over a damask stencil. I went away thinking how was I going to colour this but I must have not waited till the paint was completely dry as when I came back the paste had taken up the colour underneath!! I quite like this result! The seagulls are a dusty Attic product and I covered them with gesso and then white embossing. The flowers are Green Tara( I'm pretty sure of that) and on the journal tag tucked in the left hand side I wrote
"This is sunset over the beach in the Cocos Keeling Islands, West Island. A great place for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday - if you like swimming and snorkelling. Beautiful.Beautiful place!!"

In my next post I am going to add some close ups!!


  1. Hi Rosemary. SO glad you've come back to join us again your journal cover is lovely. Right now I can't see our Mood Board just a small box. And there is no link to our blog. One thing I do is sometimes I go to a photo i.e. the Mood Board and left click and choose save photo and put it in a file I am familiar with like layouts. Then when I do my post I upload the photo of my project and the one of the Mood Board. This might work for you. To add our link go to our blog page and in the top left hand corner double click on our blog address until it turns blue completely. Then right click and chose copy. Then go back to your post right away and where ever you want to put it right click again and chose paste. I hope this helps! I will keep an eye out! All the best from SATW! (Pam)

  2. wow !!
    It is really beautiful !!!
    I would go there!
    thanks for playing with us at SATW!

  3. Hi Rosemary it's Pam again. I think I gave you some incorrect info. While doing my blog post today I realized that I was wrong in telling you how to link up to our blog. When you write a post or go back to edit it there is a button on the top bar that says LINK. Click this button. The top line will ask you what to call your link (write Scrap Around the World). The next line down will ask you for our address this is where you copy and paste our blog address!!! This should automatically highlight our name in your post. Sorry I am somewhat befuddled lately (just lost my beloved dog and some days can't think straight). Hope this helps! :)

  4. Rosemary, your project is so beautiful. Thanks so much for playing along with us at Scrap Around the World!

  5. Hi Rosemary. I hope you get all the links and displaying the moodboard worked out so your entry can be eligible in our challenge because it's a lovely creation xx

  6. Hi Rosemeary, Your page is beautiful! I hope too that you could include our Mood Board and link! Thank you for joining the SATW challenge!

  7. Very nice layout! Thank you for playing at SATW :)

  8. Hi Rosemary unfortunately I still can't see the Mood Board. I got your comment today and just checked. Have you tried saving the Mood Board as a photo and then upload it? That's what I do. I left click on the Mood Board and a small screen appears. Click Save as. . . and save it to a file where you keep your layouts. Then when you go into your post you can upload it as a photo muck like your layout. As for the link I don't see that either so sorry. Have you tried what I suggested above? You can reach me at so that I get your messages directly. We still have time! Give it a try! :)